Spartan Paris Spin Mix

This week’s spin workout is named Spartan Paris as I recently learned that there will be a Spartan Race in Paris, France on Saturday September 13, 2014 with the first wave starting at 9:00am.  The Spartan Super obstacle course is 13km long, consists of 25 obstacles, and participants are expected to finish as quick as 1 hr 20minutes to as long  as 3hours+.  On Saturday September 13 there was also be a Junior Spartan for those who might be interested in a shorter course.  For more information check out the Spartan France Race Page as it should be a great event.

This week’s cycling mix consists of steep, intense hill climbs alternating with speed work incorporating both jumps and sprints to keep you on your toes similar to what you might expect from the variety of obstacles in the Spartan Race.


Spartan Paris

1) Franz Ferdinand, Take Me out  3:57 Warm Up
2) Lady Gaga Remix, Born This Way 4:41 Fast legs at the beginning, up and down jumping, Fast again at 1:00, Jumping again, Sprint at 2:13, 3:12
3) Trapt, Headstrong 4:46 Intense Hill Climb with pickups on the hill at 0:45, 1:57
4) Lindsey Sterling, Shatter Me 4:41 Continue hill climb then sprints for 30 seconds when music picks up
5) Flo Rida, Right Round 3:27 Alternating 4 count jumps
6) Seether, Broken 4:18 Intense Hill Climb
7) Taylor Swift, Shake it off 3:39 Sprints at 0:45, 1:42, 2:45, 3:38
8) Cold Play, Sky Full of Stars 4:28 Hill Climb
9) Alexandra Stan, Mr. Saxobeat 4:43 Hill climb in hand position 3 then fly down the hill at 0:45
10) C&C Music Factory Gonna Make You sweat: 4:06 1,2,3 switching positions
11) Young the Giant, It’s about time 3:46 Hill cLimb
12) La Bouche, Be my lover 4 minutes sprint as fast as you can
13) Mr. Probz Waves: 3:27 Hills
14) Ariana Grande, Break Free: Sprints at 0:37, 0:57, 1:43, 2:46
15) Madonna, Vogue: 5:17 Switch positions and start cool down
16) Seal Fly Like an Eagle: 3:37 Cool down and Stretch


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Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes & Cod

I haven’t been cooking as much as I’d like because of my hectic schedule lately but decided to take a break from studying for my upcoming Microeconomics Test and Made Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes & Cod.  Healthy and Delicious give it a try.


2 Large Organic Sweet Potatoes
1/2 lemon
1/2 lime
1 table spoon of bread crumbs
1/8 cup of milk
1 teaspoon butter
black pepper
Olive Oil
red pepper
garlic powder
onion powder
1 bag of organic spinach
1 crown of broccoli
1 tablespoon of cheddar cheese
1 lb Cod Fish
Aluminum Foil

Take two organic Sweet Potatoes, make a cut down the middle wrap them in foil and bake in the oven on 350 degrees for about 1-2 hours depending on how big your sweet potatoes are.  While the sweet potatoes are baking use a frying pan with one tablespoon of olive oil to cook the bag of organic spinach and crown of broccoli.  Season the vegetables with red pepper, black pepper, garlic powder and onion.

Take a piece of aluminum foil.  Add one teaspoon of olive oil.  Place the cod fish into the aluminum foil.  Season with 1/2 lemon, 1/2 lime, black pepper, red pepper, garlic powder, and a very thin light sprinkle of bread crumbs.  Wrap the fish up into the aluminum oil cook the fish on the grill for 16 minutes ( 8 minute on each side of the fish).

Once the potatoes have cooled off cut them completely in half and scoop out the potatoe center.  Be careful not to make the skins too thin or the potatoes will collapse.  Take a pan and add in the sweet potatoe center, the spinach and broccoli mix, one teaspoon of butter, 1/8 cup of milk, and sprinkle a bit of cheddar cheese.  Simmer on the stove so all of the ingredients mix nicely together.

Fill the potatoe skins with the mixture and broil the potatoes in the oven for about 5minutes.  Be careful to watch them closely so you do not burn the skins. Enjoy


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Sharon Triathlon

In the spirit of my Triathlon this past weekend in Sharon, MA I am naming this spin mix Sharon Triathlon.  This race was somewhat of a milestone for me because I had to take the last full year off from all competitions (Biking, Swimming, Running, Triathlons) after two hip surgeries set me back a bit last year.  I was excited to race this past weekend and was happy with my performance of placing 3rd in the Novice Division. For the Sharon Triathlon Spin Mix you can expect some killer hills and killer sprints with a 12 minute hill pass in the middle and 8 minutes of sprinting towards the end.

Here are some photos from the race.


photo (1)

Sharon Triathlon Spin Mix
1) Ini Kamoze, Here comes the hotstepper 4:10 warm up
2) One Republic, Love runs out: 3:45 Switch positions
3) Alex Clare, Too Close 4:17 First hill climb
4) Sia, Chandelier Hand position 3 with sprints on a hill at 0:34, 2:02
5) Katy Petty, I kissed a girl Instrumental Only 3:03 Hand position 3 hill climb continue
6) Crystal Waters, 100% Pure Love 4:38 Hill, Switch, drink
7) Demi Lovato, Really Don’t Care Sprints/Pickups at 0:36, 1:45, 2:45
8) Lionel Richie, All Night Long: Hill climb for 6:23
9) Cranberrie, Zombie Finish the hill climb 5:07
10) Maroon 5 Maps Sprints/Pickups at 0:33, 1:34, 2:37
11) Pat Benatar, Love is a battlfield alternating Sprints 4:10
12) Avril Lavigne, What the hell Sprints 3:40 at 0:45, 1:55, 2:56
13) Ariana Grande, Problem: 3:14 Switch positions, active recovery
14) Magic, Rude 3:45 Cool down
15) Muse, Madness 4:40 Stretch

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Law & Ethics Residency Week 2 Spin Mix

I’m a little bit late posting last week’s spinning mix but I named this one after my week long EMBA session last week which focused on Law & Ethics.  The Residency weeks are my favorite but it can be tough because we are in class around 7-5 and then in the evening work on team projects and presentations and basically get no sleep in the late evening trying to squeeze in the work deliverables of the week for my full time job.  I really enjoyed the class overall and learned a ton about what our laws actually mean, how to correctly write a contract, reviewed a bunch of lawsuit cases and the outcomes, and discussed various Ethical Dilemmas.

Here are some pics from this past weekends adventure.  Since it has been one year since my two hip surgeries, I have decided to do the Sharon Triathlon as a way to start getting into racing again.


Law & Ethics Residency Week 2 Spin Mix
1) Arctic Monkeys: Do I Wanna Know 4:31 Warm up
2) Karaoke Galazy: Wiggle 3:12 Start hill climb
3) The Whispers: Rock Steady 5:14 Hill climb continue, at your max level 10 for 5 mins
4) Usher: More 3:49 8 count jumps 1st, 2nd, 3rd switch
5) Nico & Vinz: Am I Wrong 4:07 Hand position 3
6) Brantley Gilbert: Bottoms up 3:41 Hill climb
7) Train: 50 Ways to Say Goodbye 4:08 Sprints at 0:45, 2:00, 3:00
8) 5 Seconds of Summer: She looks so perfect 3:22 Hill Switch
9) Edward Maya: Stereo Love 4:07
10) Cutting Crew: I just died in your arms 4:38 Hill then run on reframe
11) Ed Sheeran: Sing 3:55
12) Ariana Grande: Problem 3:12
13) Pitbull: Wild Wild Love 3:22 Switch positions
14) Aloe Blacc: The Man Cool Down 4:14
15) Peter Gabriel: In your Eyes: 5:24 Stretch

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UA Speedform StudioLux to the Test

image-29 image-28

My friends at Under Armour Women recently sent me a pair of the new UA Speedform StudioLux to put to the test. When the sneakers first arrived and I tried them on I really liked the fit, comfort and feel of the shoes which are very lightweight however I wondered if the thin soles would have the grip and support I would need for running. As I was traveling to France last week to attend a friend’s wedding in the South of France I had the opportunity to put my new UA Speedform Studio Lux kicks to the test.


Running in the vineyards in the South of France was an ideal spot to put the shoes to the test because the terrain on the run is constantly changing from pavement to sandy roads to rocky terrain so I was able to test out how the sneakers will hold up on different terrain.  The sneakers have a nice grip which makes them great for running up hills and the lightweight material makes for a superfast shoe which is ideal for a fast 5K.  The sneakers were also able to perform on the constantly changing terrain and the thin soles held up well on the rocky and sandy terrain.

image-27 image-26

Looking forward to taking the kicks on future runs around the globe.

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End of Mod 1 Cycling Mix

I can’t believe how fast the past 6 months have gone by.  I have officially completed Module 1 of Boston University’s Executive MBA which means that I am 1/3 of the way through the program.  Module 1 consisted of Operations, Marketing, Accounting, Data Analysis and Team Learning classes.  The last month was crazy busy juggling working full time and school full time so I haven’t been able to post on here as much.  In the spirit of completing Module 1 I am calling this week spin mix “End of Mod 1”.  The first half of the workout focuses on hills with a 17 minute climb towards the beginning and there are also a few hills at the end and a mix of sprints.  Check it out!


End of Mod 1 Cycling Mix (1hr)

1) Semisonic; Closing Time: 4:33 Warm Up
2) Demi Lovato; 4:27 Give your heart a break, switch positions
3) The Offspring; Gone Away 4:30 Start hill climb
4) Prince; When Doves Cry 5:50 continue climb
5) Kongos; Come with me now 3:32 Climb climb climb
6) Nico & Vinz; Am I wrong 4:07 Finish hill climb
7) Fitz & the Tantrums; The Walker 3:53 Sprints at :50 (15 Seconds), 1:43 (30 Seconds), 2:50
8) Barbie Girl Instrumental 3:13: Grab a drink then flat road
9) Montell Jordan; This is how we do it 4:37 Jumps
10) Bastille; Bad Blood: 3:33 Hill, take this hill to your max
11) Pearl Jam: Even Flow: 5:01 hill climb
12) Trey Songz: Na Na Switch positions 3:52
13)White snake: Here I go again: cool down 4:36
14) Jordan Sparks: No Air 4:25 stretch


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Waiting for Summer

The weather doesn’t seem to be getting any better but at least the weather doesn’t interfere with Monday evening spinning class at the Newport Athletic Club.  Tonight’s class focused on hand postition 3 and targeting glutes/legs as well as a bit of endurance and hill climbing.


 My favorite Under Armour tank is on sale (You might notice me wearing these in a bunch of the photos I post) and also they are offering free shipping on the Under Armour Website.  Check them out here

Waiting for Summer
1) Idina Menzel, Let it go 3:45 Warmup
2) Grant Scott, What do you want from me? 3:55 hill climb
3) Katy Perry, ET 3:51, Hand position 3
4) Miley Cyrus, See you again Sprints at 0:55, 1:55, and 2:30
5) Instrumental Real slim shady: 5:04 Hand position 3
6) Imagine Dragons, On top of the world Drink, flat road
7) Avicil, Hey Brother 4:14 hill climb
8) Outasight, Now or Never 0:32, 2:03, 2:50 Sprints
9) American Authors, Best day of my life Hill
10) Rixton, Me & my broken heart 3:14 hill
11) Selfie instrumental 3:04 switch positions
12) Madonna: Hurry up hill climb
13) Now: 3:40, endurance, fast flat
14) Raging wonderland, Rhymth is a dancer
15) Oasis, Don’t look back in anger 4:48 cool down
16) Awolnation, Sail 4:19 Stretch

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Easter Cycling Ride/ALS Fundraiser

In the spirit of Easter, Kelsi and I decided to offer a 1.5 hour extra long Spinning Class from 7:30-9:00am at the Newport Athletic Club.  On Easter Sunday, we team taught the class and participants were asked to make a minimum $10 donation that we donated to ALS.  One of the members of the NAC is currently fighting the disease and thought it would be a great way to get the community involved and do something fun on Easter.  If you are interested in donating, be sure to check out the team page here


Loving these new Under Armour Spring Socks 🙂  Check them out here

Easter Cycling Mix (1hr 31 minutes)
1) Pharrell, Happy: Warm up
2) Bon Jovi, Living on a Prayer Alternate positions
3) Bastille Pompei: Hill Climb
4) Cry just a little remix: Move saddle jumps hand position 2 3
5) Stay the night seated slight hill run in 2nd
6) U2 Beautiful Day: Rolling hills heavy and then down hill recover
7) Daughtry, It’s not over: Hill climb
8) Journey, Seperate Ways Hill climb
9) Calvin Harris, Let’s go Sprints
10)Mambo #5 Seated hill fast with adds ons
11) Safe & Sound: Jumps
12) Madonna, Material Girl: 8 count moving 3 positions
13) Avril, Let me go water break, slight hill
14) Fall out boy, Phoenix: Sprints
15) Jason, Talk Dirty Hand position 3
16) Timber, Remix sprins 30, 20, 15, 10 secs with same recover
17) Gives you hell: Add in saddle heavy to 3rd
18) Keep your head up 3rd with resistance to support body pick ups in saddle
19) MMM yeah: Sprints
20) The black pear: Hand position 3
21) Wake me up remix: Flat with pickups increase resistance final push
22) Breakfast with Tiffany: Recover & Stretch
(This workout was created by both Kelsi & myself)

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NYC Cycling Mix


It has been crazy for me lately as I am juggling working full time as a Financial Analyst as well as completing an Executive MBA (Currently taking 5 classes). However, I went to NYC last weekend and was able to take a bit of a pause and enjoy myself. My friend Olya who lives in London (We used to travel together all over Europe when I was living in Paris) is getting married in June so the girls and I all met up in NYC for the bachelorette weekend. We kept it classy and had a fun time exploring the city, had our hair styled, went salsa dancing, and went out for a nice dinner. While in NYC I finally also made it to Keoni’s cycling class. Keoni is one of the Under Armour trainers who created the CYC Fitness Technique which combines indoor cycling and upper body movements. Check them out here. I made it to one of the classes which was a great workout and a lot of fun. In the spirit of my recent NYC trip, I’m naming this cycling mix NYC. Feel free to download this mix and use it in your class if you are a spinning instructor or if you want to use it on the home trainer or just at the gym on a stationary bike.


NYC Cycling Mix
1) Pharrell Happy: Warm up
2) Demi Lovato: Give your heart a break. Pickups 3
3) Hemorrhage, Fuel: Start of hill climb in hand position 1
4) No Doubt, Don’t Speak: Hill Climb
5) Do you believe in life after love: Sprints at 1:00, 1:53, and 3:20
6) Stereo Love: Drink & Flat Road
7) Britney Spears, I wanna go: 8 count jumps alternating from hand position 1, 2, 3, repeat on the fast refrain
8) Jason Derunlo, Talk Dirty: Hand position 3
9) Symphonica Cash Cash: Turn off the lights and fly sprinting, endurance
10) Tonic, If you could only see: Hill Climb
11) Staind, For you: Hill
12) Sweet Dreams: Hand position 3, of the hill continued
13) Metro, Shake it: Switch Positions
14) Lightning Crashes: Stretch
15) All of cool loves all of you: cool down


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St. Patty’s Day Spin Mix

I’m finally getting around to post my Spin workout from St. Patrick’s Day as it has been a busy week. I’m sitting here from my hotel room in Boston as I am typing this up. Every other weekend I make the 2 hour drive up to Boston for my Executive MBA and today’s festivities included an Accounting Exam, Operations Class and Marketing Class. After class we had an organized social, I spent a few hours working on a Pricing Simulation as we are “running a Rental Car company” in preparation for tomorrow’s marketing class and now taking a few minutes to post my most recent spin workout. What you can expect from St. Patty’s Day Spin Mix is a hill workout so get ready for the climb.

St. Patty’s Day Spin Mix1) Rob Lane, Opening Title: Warm Up
2) Get Cool, Shawty Got moves: Switch positions
3) Pink Floyd, Another Brick in the Wall 4 min hill climb hill #1
4) Swedish House Mafia; Don’t you worry child 2 downhiil sprints one for 1:38, 2nd for 40 seconds at 2:55
5) Kenny Loggins, Danger Zone: Hill Climb #2
6) Quiet Riot: Cum on feel the noise: continuation of Hill Climb #2 for a total of 8minutes
7) Fall out Boy: The Phonenix, down hill speed
8) 7 Lions; Born to Run Grab a drink then switch positions
9) Red, Ordinary World: Hill climb #3
10) Your love it feels so good: down hill
11) Delerium; Silence Hill #4
12) Daughtry; What about now Hill #4 continuation
13) Nayer; Suave Sprints at 0:49, 2:05
14) Work it girl: switch positions
15) Beyonce Halo: cool down
16) Miley Cyrus: The climb stretch

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