My Journey

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog!  My name is Kristina and I am the writer behind “Keeping Fitness Fun”.  Below you will find information on my journey and why I created Keeping Fitness Fun.


While attending Providence College I worked in the fitness industry as a Personal Trainer, Spinning Instructor, Boot Camp Instructor, Membership Sales Representative, and Met-RX girl at Gold’s Gym, Powerhouse Gym, and Club Fit.  Upon college graduation, I pursued my Business Economics and Spanish degrees and accepted a job in Finance.  Because of my love for the fitness industry I continued personal training and teaching spin part time after work and on the weekends.  My workouts at this time were in the weight room and on the spinning bike.


Less than 6 months after accepting my first job in the Corporate World, I decided to transfer to my company’s office in San Diego.  A few months into my job I realized I missed my involvement with fitness and soon after started teaching spin at 24 hour fitness.  I was enjoying the weather in San Diego and soon started transitioning from my old workouts in the weight room to running on the beach.  After watching the runners in the San Diego Rock N’ Roll Marathon run past my apartment, I was soon determined to conquer a marathon.  Three months later in October 2008 I ran the Long Beach, CA marathon, surprised myself by qualifying for the 2009 Boston Marathon and was hooked on running.


Although I was enjoying my new life in San Diego, I noticed there was a job opening with my company in Paris, France.  It had been a dream of mine to work in Europe, so I applied for the position and shortly after in January 2009 I moved to Paris, France having never visited the country nor speaking any French.


I spent the next three months training for the 2009 Boston Marathon exploring the chic streets of Paris, France while simultaneously finding my place in the corporate world as an American working in a French company. After completing the Boston Marathon in 2009, I became a “marathon runner”.  The marathon was such an amazing experience and what an honor to participate in such an incredible race with so many amazing athletes.  After qualifying for the 2010 Boston Marathon at the 2009 Boston Marathon, I was determined to run a faster time and ran the 2010 Berlin Marathon where I PR’ed.


Shortly after moving to Paris I joined the Expatries Triathlon Team – The English speaking Triathlon team in Paris. My friend Brian taught me how to cycle in the French countryside and I soon added cycling to my training plan. I spent the next few years cycling in different races in France and partaking in multiple adventures including cycling from Paris to Normandy and back on two separate occasions, cycling in the Time Megeve race with many Tour de France riders through the mountainous terrain of Mont Blanc, Cycling part of the ironman course in Nice France, Cycling through the hilly terrain of Gerardmer, and exploring the French countryside just outside of Paris.


After discovering my passion of cycling I wanted to complete a triathlon. My goal was to compete in the Paris Triathlon however I could not swim and was afraid of drowning.  I started going to the pool three times a week with my friend Nick and finally learned to swim.


Shortly after I overcame my fear of drowning and after living in Paris, France for 4 years my dream finally became a reality and I completed the Paris Triathlon.


In just a few years I transitioned from weight room guru to an intense endurance athlete. At the age of 27, I was unstoppable. Running 50+ miles a week, cycling 100+kms on Saturdays, swimming 3 times a week. The more miles I put in, the more I increased my training.

After my triathlon victory I decided to focus back on improving my marathon PR and signed up for the Tallin, Estonia Marathon in September 2012. 4 weeks before my marathon I began experiencing hip pain in my right hip. Shortly after I found out I had a labrum tear in my right hip and needed hip surgery. The injury occurred shortly after I had made the decision to move back to the USA. After living in Paris for four years, I decided to move back home to RI for career progression, to spend more time with my family, and to be with my other half who was living in RI at the time.


Five months later I was finally cleared for the labrum tear surgery in my right hip which I had in March 2013. It was a difficult time for me transitioning from training 6+ days a week to bed rest and crutches.


Three months post surgery and finally on the mend I started to experience the same pain in my left hip. I had the same surgery on my left hip in July 2013.


The injury was due to genetics because I have shallow hips so less protective covering on my hips than the average person and also due to the high level of endurance training for 4+ years. Although, I am now fully recovered, the doctor told me that I should give up running marathons because of the wear on the body. This was a very difficult time in my life as I was told I had to give up my passion, but I decided to be optimistic and channel my energy towards other goals. In spring 2013 I began to explore the world of yoga.


After a full recovery, from hip surgery number 2, I renewed my spinning certification with Madd Dog Athletics and recently began teaching spin again at the Newport Athletic Club. I am really enjoying it and couldn’t believe how much I have missed teaching as I wasn’t able to teach while living in France.


In November 2012 I was selected as 1 of 10 winners in the Under Armour What’s Beautiful Competition 2.0 a competition to redefine the female athlete. I am a Motivational Champion / Brand Ambassador for Under Armour. I have been loyal to the brand throughout my entire running career and am honored to represent such an incredible brand.  I have made lifelong friendships and these ladies have become my #uasisters.



I launched the Keeping Fitness Fun Blog in November 2013. It is something I have wanted to do for a while but it finally became a reality. The intent of the blog is to promote the fact that fitness is a lifestyle goal. I hope to share with readers new exercises that can be easily integrated into daily training plans. In addition I share with readers quick and healthy nutritious meals. As a finance leader, I work a lot of hours and arrive home late from work. I try to create recipes that can be prepared rather quickly after arriving home from work. The blog also targets readers of all shapes, sizes, levels, and fitness goals.  Thank you for reading my journey and I hope you will enjoy the Keeping Fitness Fun blog.

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