Cycling with K

Under this section of the blog, I will post my spinning workouts complete with song titles as a resource for all spinning/cycling/group exercise teachers who might want to take advantage of this resource.  I taught spinning at Powerhouse Gym, Club Fit, Gold’s Gym and 24 Hour Fitness.  I had to take a break from teaching when I moved to France as well as during my year of hip surgery/recovery but have recently renewed my  Spinning Instructor Certification with Madd Dog Athletics and am teaching at the Newport Athletic Club in Newport , RI

Superbowl Cycling Mix

India Cycling Mix

Peru Cycling Mix

Chile Cycling Mix

North Carolina Cycling Mix

Swimming Cycling Mix

IWillWhatIWant Cycling Mix

Spartan Paris Cycling Mix

Sharon Triathlon Cycling Mix

End of Mod 1 Cycling Mix

Waiting for Summer Cycling Mix

Easter 1.5 hour Cycling Mix

NYC Cycling Mix

Speedform Cycling Mix

Valentine’s Day Cycling Mix

Snow N Ice Cycling Mix


Time Megeve Spinning Mix

Kristina’s Mix

Thanksgiving Mix 2013

Nice to Cannes Spinning Mix

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