Superbowl Sunday Cycle Mix

Another year has flown by and again I haven’t been able to post as often as I’d like to but I am going to try and make a better effort this year.  My latest excuse for not posting is a mix of wedding planning, working, working out, and studying for the CMA exam.  I am still teaching spin every weekend so at some point will have to catch up on all of the new playlists I made last year that I haven’t shared with you yet.  This week’s spinning mix is dedicated to Superbowl Sunday… Go PATS.  This workout is set up to be an intense Race Day type workout as I expect you will need this before enjoying all of the festivities that go along with the Superbowl.


This pic is taken at one of my favorite spots in Jamestown, RI with a view of the Newport Bridge.  I don’t have any Superbowl related pics so figured I would share one of my favorite views this week instead.

  1. Ed Sheeran: Shape of You 3:54.  Warm Up
  2. The Wanted: Glad You Came 3:18 Running with Resistance (Pretend you are on a Mountain Bike, Biking through stones as fast as you can go)
  3. Evanescence: Bring Me to Life 3:56 Moderate Hill.  Add heavy hill on the refrain and push your pace @ 0:50 – 1:15, 1:40-2:05 and 3:00-3:25
  4. TLC: Waterfalls 4:40. Continue with heavy climb.  On the refrain slow 4 count jumps alternating from Hand Position 2 to Hand Position 3.  Resistance is Heavy
  5. The Rembrandts: I’ll be there for you 5:36 5 minutes pedaling as fast as you can go.  Downhill but with resistance.  Endurance + Speed
  6. LOCASH: I know somebody 3:17.  Seated Climb.  Increase your hill three times on the refrain push your pace @ 0:32-1:02, 1:27-1:57, and 2:30-3:17.
  7. Lenny Kravitz: American Woman 4:22 Rolling Hills
  8. The Supremes: You can’t hurry love 2:46.  Focusing on speed with resistance.  0:20 to 0:60 Running in Hand Position 2, @ 0:60 Running in Hand Position 3, 1:40 Running in Hand position 2, 2:00-2:46 seated flat.
  9. Sia: The Greatest 3:31.  Flat road cycling fast.  Pretend you are drafting and are in the back of a group with the wind at your back pushing you forward.  At 0:40 you sprint to the front of the pack increasing your resistance.  @ 1:00 you are in the lead with heavy resistance as you are pulling the pack.  @1:29 repeat sprint to the front, add resistance when you settle in front.
  10. Bebe Rexha: I got you 3:12 Hand Position 3.  Target > Glutes + Legs
  11. Calvin Harris: This is what you came for 3:42.  3 Sprints as fast as you can @ 0:30 – 1:15, 1:50-2:30 and 2:50-3:12.
  12. Carrie Underwood: Grab a drink, catch your breathe, and then start climbing up a heavy mountain.
  13. Fine Young Cannibals: 3:36 She Drives me Crazy.  Continue heavy mountain climb
  14. Starley: Call on Me: 3:42 Hand Position 3.  Target > Glues + Legs
  15. Billy Joel: Uptown Girl 3:18 Start to bring your heart rate down
  16. Zayn & Taylor Swift: I dont’ wanna live forever 4:06 Stretch
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