India Cycling Mix

In recent adventures, I traveled to India as the company that I work for has a startup there.  I was fortunate enough to be there for 10 days and was able to do a bit of exploring the Saturday that I was there.  India is an incredible country with delicious food and top notch customer service.  I was able to spend some time exploring the Shivaji (Great India Warrior) fort as well as spent some time shopping collecting a few cool souvenirs and tried some sweet and salty India snacks.  This week’s workout dedicated to my recent trip to India and the team there.


The Lounge at the hotel enjoying a glass of wine in my new Indian Outfit

India Cycling Mix

  1. Non Point Miami Vice, In the Air Tonight 4:33 Warm Up
  2. Danzig, Mother: 3:24 Cycle right into a hill climb
  3. Rain, Look at me now 3:44 1 mile flat fast road
  4. 3 Chainz & Wiz Khalifa, We Own It 3:47 Steep Hill Climb
  5. Colt Ford, Crank it up 3:20 Continue steep hill
  6. Coolio, Gangsta’s Paradise 4:00 Heavy Hill
  7. Fall Out Boy, Irresistible 3:24 Short quick jumps
  8. Jagged Edge, Let’s Get Married 4:08 Hand Position 3, glue work
  9. The Charlie Daniels Band, The Devil Went Down to George 3:33 Fast run on the song refrain
  10. 3 Doors Down, Loser 4:25 Seated Hill Climb
  11. Prince, When Doves Cry 5:52Continue Hill Climb
  12. Jason Derulo, Don’t Wanna Go Home 3:25 Sprints
  13. Foreigner, Juke Box Hero 4:22 Run on heavy hill
  14. Backstreet Boys, Backstreet’s Back 4:47 Push and then slow down
  15. Cypress Hill, Rock Superstar 4:37 Cool down


Visiting the Shivaji Forts

image3My favorite meal for Breakfast/Lunch.  Dossar with coconut, olive and tomato Chutney

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1 Response to India Cycling Mix

  1. That Non Point opener is a favorite!

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