Chile Cycling Mix

I can’t believe it has been over a year since my last post however my schedule was packed between work, school, and travel. I am still teaching spin and have made a variety of spinning mixes over the year.  So to catch up…. this one is titled Chile Spinning Mix as I made it shortly after returning from our international trip/Capstone Project in Chile and Peru.  The main focus of this workout is speed and glutes.  The photo below is from a group hike in Las Condes, Chile.


Chile Spinning Mix:

  1. Maroon 5: Sugar 3:52 Warm Up
  2. Ariana Grande: One Last Time  3:17 Switch Positions
  3. Linkin Park: Numb 3:07 Seated Hill Climb
  4. Usher: More 3:48 Sprints
  5. Paulette: Shower (Workout Mix) 3:38 Jumps
  6. Maroon 5: Animals 3:50 Running with Resistance, Hand Position 3
  7. Calvin Harris: Blame 3:32 Flat Road
  8. Walk the Moon: Shut up and Dance 3:16 Running with Resistance, Hand Position 3
  9. Bon Jovi: Wanted Dead or Alive 5:08 Seated Hill Climb
  10. Zedd: I want you to know 3:58 Sprints
  11. Selena Gomez: Come and Get it 3:51 Running with Resistance, Hand Position 3
  12. Calvin Harris: Outside 3:47 Sprints
  13. Fall Out Boy: Centuries 3:48 Hill Climb
  14. Calvin Harris: Let’s Go 3:45 Switch positions
  15. Nico & Vinz: Am I wrong 4:07 Cool Down
  16. Ellie Gouldberg: Love me Like you Do 4:10 Stretch
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2 Responses to Chile Cycling Mix

  1. Great playlist for keeping it FUN!

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