I Will What I Want Cycling Mix

I took a few days off from working out this past week. It is important to know when to cut back and give the body a rest. So after not posting for a bit….I’m back with this week’s cycling Mix which is named after Under Armour’s Launch of the I Will What I Want Movement.  “I Will What I want is an incredible fitness movement launched for the woman who doesn’t give up, she gets up.  Who unapologetically  breaks rules that holds her back” Check out the movement.  There is also an app available in the iTunes Store which is a great way to sync up various fitness apps including the #Armour39, #Fitbit, and #MapmyFitness.  What you can expect from this week’s cycling mix is two very difficult passes.  The first one is a 16minute pass with no breaks and includes a 13 minute hill climb followed by 3 minutes of sprints.  The second is a 14minute pass which includes a 7 minute hill followed by jumps and hills and some sprints in the middle.  Give it a try.


I Will What I Want
1) Demi Lovato, Neon Lights Warm up 3:52
2) Pitbull, Timber Switch up positions 3:24
3) Lindsey Stirling, Elements Hill Climb 4:07
4) Sia, Chandelier 3:36 Continue Hill Climb
5) Journey, Separate Ways 5:26 Continue Hill Climb
6) Get Cool, Shawty Got Moves 3:14 Sprinting all the way down the hill
7) Eurythmics, Sweet Dreams 3:37 8 count jumps sitting and standing
8) Usher, Scream 3:55 Hand position 3, fast legs
9) Outasight, Now or Never 3:38 Sprints three
10) Numb, Linkin Park Hill Climb 3:08
11) Avril Lavigne, Let me Go Hill Climb 4:28
12) Lady Ga Ga, Applause 3:32 Jumps sitting and standing 8 counts
13) Usher, More 3:49 Sprints
14) Austin Mahone, 3:52 Mmm Yeah Switch positions
15) Journey, Don’t Stop Believing 4:09 Cool down
16) Neil Diamond, Sweet Caroline 3:36 Stretch

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