Spartan Paris Spin Mix

This week’s spin workout is named Spartan Paris as I recently learned that there will be a Spartan Race in Paris, France on Saturday September 13, 2014 with the first wave starting at 9:00am.  The Spartan Super obstacle course is 13km long, consists of 25 obstacles, and participants are expected to finish as quick as 1 hr 20minutes to as long  as 3hours+.  On Saturday September 13 there was also be a Junior Spartan for those who might be interested in a shorter course.  For more information check out the Spartan France Race Page as it should be a great event.

This week’s cycling mix consists of steep, intense hill climbs alternating with speed work incorporating both jumps and sprints to keep you on your toes similar to what you might expect from the variety of obstacles in the Spartan Race.


Spartan Paris

1) Franz Ferdinand, Take Me out  3:57 Warm Up
2) Lady Gaga Remix, Born This Way 4:41 Fast legs at the beginning, up and down jumping, Fast again at 1:00, Jumping again, Sprint at 2:13, 3:12
3) Trapt, Headstrong 4:46 Intense Hill Climb with pickups on the hill at 0:45, 1:57
4) Lindsey Sterling, Shatter Me 4:41 Continue hill climb then sprints for 30 seconds when music picks up
5) Flo Rida, Right Round 3:27 Alternating 4 count jumps
6) Seether, Broken 4:18 Intense Hill Climb
7) Taylor Swift, Shake it off 3:39 Sprints at 0:45, 1:42, 2:45, 3:38
8) Cold Play, Sky Full of Stars 4:28 Hill Climb
9) Alexandra Stan, Mr. Saxobeat 4:43 Hill climb in hand position 3 then fly down the hill at 0:45
10) C&C Music Factory Gonna Make You sweat: 4:06 1,2,3 switching positions
11) Young the Giant, It’s about time 3:46 Hill cLimb
12) La Bouche, Be my lover 4 minutes sprint as fast as you can
13) Mr. Probz Waves: 3:27 Hills
14) Ariana Grande, Break Free: Sprints at 0:37, 0:57, 1:43, 2:46
15) Madonna, Vogue: 5:17 Switch positions and start cool down
16) Seal Fly Like an Eagle: 3:37 Cool down and Stretch


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