Sharon Triathlon

In the spirit of my Triathlon this past weekend in Sharon, MA I am naming this spin mix Sharon Triathlon.  This race was somewhat of a milestone for me because I had to take the last full year off from all competitions (Biking, Swimming, Running, Triathlons) after two hip surgeries set me back a bit last year.  I was excited to race this past weekend and was happy with my performance of placing 3rd in the Novice Division. For the Sharon Triathlon Spin Mix you can expect some killer hills and killer sprints with a 12 minute hill pass in the middle and 8 minutes of sprinting towards the end.

Here are some photos from the race.


photo (1)

Sharon Triathlon Spin Mix
1) Ini Kamoze, Here comes the hotstepper 4:10 warm up
2) One Republic, Love runs out: 3:45 Switch positions
3) Alex Clare, Too Close 4:17 First hill climb
4) Sia, Chandelier Hand position 3 with sprints on a hill at 0:34, 2:02
5) Katy Petty, I kissed a girl Instrumental Only 3:03 Hand position 3 hill climb continue
6) Crystal Waters, 100% Pure Love 4:38 Hill, Switch, drink
7) Demi Lovato, Really Don’t Care Sprints/Pickups at 0:36, 1:45, 2:45
8) Lionel Richie, All Night Long: Hill climb for 6:23
9) Cranberrie, Zombie Finish the hill climb 5:07
10) Maroon 5 Maps Sprints/Pickups at 0:33, 1:34, 2:37
11) Pat Benatar, Love is a battlfield alternating Sprints 4:10
12) Avril Lavigne, What the hell Sprints 3:40 at 0:45, 1:55, 2:56
13) Ariana Grande, Problem: 3:14 Switch positions, active recovery
14) Magic, Rude 3:45 Cool down
15) Muse, Madness 4:40 Stretch

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