UA Speedform StudioLux to the Test

image-29 image-28

My friends at Under Armour Women recently sent me a pair of the new UA Speedform StudioLux to put to the test. When the sneakers first arrived and I tried them on I really liked the fit, comfort and feel of the shoes which are very lightweight however I wondered if the thin soles would have the grip and support I would need for running. As I was traveling to France last week to attend a friend’s wedding in the South of France I had the opportunity to put my new UA Speedform Studio Lux kicks to the test.


Running in the vineyards in the South of France was an ideal spot to put the shoes to the test because the terrain on the run is constantly changing from pavement to sandy roads to rocky terrain so I was able to test out how the sneakers will hold up on different terrain.  The sneakers have a nice grip which makes them great for running up hills and the lightweight material makes for a superfast shoe which is ideal for a fast 5K.  The sneakers were also able to perform on the constantly changing terrain and the thin soles held up well on the rocky and sandy terrain.

image-27 image-26

Looking forward to taking the kicks on future runs around the globe.

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