Waiting for Summer

The weather doesn’t seem to be getting any better but at least the weather doesn’t interfere with Monday evening spinning class at the Newport Athletic Club.  Tonight’s class focused on hand postition 3 and targeting glutes/legs as well as a bit of endurance and hill climbing.


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Waiting for Summer
1) Idina Menzel, Let it go 3:45 Warmup
2) Grant Scott, What do you want from me? 3:55 hill climb
3) Katy Perry, ET 3:51, Hand position 3
4) Miley Cyrus, See you again Sprints at 0:55, 1:55, and 2:30
5) Instrumental Real slim shady: 5:04 Hand position 3
6) Imagine Dragons, On top of the world Drink, flat road
7) Avicil, Hey Brother 4:14 hill climb
8) Outasight, Now or Never 0:32, 2:03, 2:50 Sprints
9) American Authors, Best day of my life Hill
10) Rixton, Me & my broken heart 3:14 hill
11) Selfie instrumental 3:04 switch positions
12) Madonna: Hurry up hill climb
13) Now: 3:40, endurance, fast flat
14) Raging wonderland, Rhymth is a dancer
15) Oasis, Don’t look back in anger 4:48 cool down
16) Awolnation, Sail 4:19 Stretch

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