NYC Cycling Mix


It has been crazy for me lately as I am juggling working full time as a Financial Analyst as well as completing an Executive MBA (Currently taking 5 classes). However, I went to NYC last weekend and was able to take a bit of a pause and enjoy myself. My friend Olya who lives in London (We used to travel together all over Europe when I was living in Paris) is getting married in June so the girls and I all met up in NYC for the bachelorette weekend. We kept it classy and had a fun time exploring the city, had our hair styled, went salsa dancing, and went out for a nice dinner. While in NYC I finally also made it to Keoni’s cycling class. Keoni is one of the Under Armour trainers who created the CYC Fitness Technique which combines indoor cycling and upper body movements. Check them out here. I made it to one of the classes which was a great workout and a lot of fun. In the spirit of my recent NYC trip, I’m naming this cycling mix NYC. Feel free to download this mix and use it in your class if you are a spinning instructor or if you want to use it on the home trainer or just at the gym on a stationary bike.


NYC Cycling Mix
1) Pharrell Happy: Warm up
2) Demi Lovato: Give your heart a break. Pickups 3
3) Hemorrhage, Fuel: Start of hill climb in hand position 1
4) No Doubt, Don’t Speak: Hill Climb
5) Do you believe in life after love: Sprints at 1:00, 1:53, and 3:20
6) Stereo Love: Drink & Flat Road
7) Britney Spears, I wanna go: 8 count jumps alternating from hand position 1, 2, 3, repeat on the fast refrain
8) Jason Derunlo, Talk Dirty: Hand position 3
9) Symphonica Cash Cash: Turn off the lights and fly sprinting, endurance
10) Tonic, If you could only see: Hill Climb
11) Staind, For you: Hill
12) Sweet Dreams: Hand position 3, of the hill continued
13) Metro, Shake it: Switch Positions
14) Lightning Crashes: Stretch
15) All of cool loves all of you: cool down


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