Speedform Spinning Mix

I have to admit I overdid it last week. As many of you know I had two hip surgeries in 2013 one in March and a second one in July. For the most part I’ve felt like I’m back to my old self but last week I overdid it a bit with my workouts to the point where I had to get a sub for not one but three of my spinning classes and had to take the entire week off from fitness. On a positive note, I listened to my body and I’m looking forward to teaching spin on this coming Monday night at the Newport Athletic Club. So here is a little preview of what you can expect for Monday night’s workout. I’m calling this mix Speedform as I’ve been inspired lately by the launch of Under Armour’s new speedform Apollo running shoes. The workout has two major hill climbs in it one towards the beginning and the second one towards the end with a mix of a few intervals throughout. If you are a spinning instructor you can download this playlist and try the workout with your class, if you are an avid cyclist you can try this workout at home on the home trainer or as a gym goer you can give it a try on the stationary bike. Let me know what you think of the mix as it has some old music some new and even a song on there from American Idol’s Erika Van Pelt who is from Rhode Island.


The pic is taken from today’s workout which incorporated some headstand jacks and of course to show off my Under Armour Speedform kicks.

Speedform Spinning Mix
1) Capital Cities, Save & Sound Warm up
2) Kelly Clarkson, Walk away Switch positions
3) Duran Duran, Reach up for the sunrise 3:28, sprints at :43, 1:46, and 2:39
4) Foo Fighters, Everlong 4:10 Seated hill climb
5) Redlight King, Bullet in my hand 3:06 continue hill climb
6) Erika Van Pelt, Listen Learn Delete Seated flat
7) REM, Losing my religion 4:27 Climbing with resistance hand position 3
8) The Ataris, Boys of Summer 4:18 Fast flat road
9) Flo Rida Instrumental, Low Switch of positions
10) Shakira, Can’t remember to forget sprints/intervals at :35, 1:44, 2:42
11) Metallica, The Unforgiven Seated hill climb
12) Cracker, Low continue hill climb
13) Pitbull, Rain over me 3:51 intervals at :15, 1:15, 2:15
14) Colbie Caillat, Hold on Active recovery
15) One Republic, Stop and Stare 3:44 Cool down
16) Lifehouse, Hanging by a momment 3:36 Stretch

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