Valentine’s Day Cycling Mix

As Valentine’s Day is this coming weekend I’ve decided to name this week’s spinning ride Valentine’s Day Cycling Mix. The workout is heavier on jumps with two jumping songs, incorporates two large hill climbs one towards the beginning and the second in the middle and has 1 or 2 sprints. Feel free to download the songs and try this workout in your class if you are a spinning instructor. If you are a cyclist you can try this on the home trainer or as a gym goer try it out on the stationary bike. If you use one of my workouts let me know what you thought of the mix and if you have any comments or suggestions.

If you are not sure what to get your other half for this coming Valentine’s Day check out the Mark your Man “Property Of” Boxer shorts from Under Armour or check out some of the UA sports bras on sale in the UA Outlet for your woman


Valentine’s Day Cycling Mix
1) Bruno Mars, Treasure: Warm up 2:56
2) The Fighters, Glad you Came Switch positions 3:16
3) KC and the Sunshine Band, That’s the Way I like it 3:05 4 Count jumps switch from seated flat to running.
4) Linkin Park, In the End: Seated Hill climb 3:36
5) Redlight King: Built to Last 3:39 Continue seated hill climb
6) One Republic, Counting Stars: Grab a drink, seated flat 4:17
7) Eminem, Lose Yourself Instrumental 4:35 Hand Position 3 Standing Climb
8) Austin Mahone, Mmm Yeah 3:53 4 15second sprints at .35, 1.30, 2:33, 3:18
9) Ozzy Osbourne: Shot in the Dark 4:16 Seated hill climb
10) Bon Jovi, Living on a Prayer: 4:11 Finish hill climb
11) Old Time Rock n Roll: 4:49 8 count jumps from seated flat to running
12) La La La: 3:05 Switch positions
13) Rihanna: Only girl in the world 3:56 Three sprints
14) Call Me Maybe instrumental: Switch positions
15) The Neighborhood: Sweater Weather 4:00 Cool down
16) Taylor Swift, Back to December: 4:53

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