Snow n Ice Cycling Mix

I’m calling this week’s spinning mix “Snow n Ice” since it has been so crazy with all of the snow storms lately. The workout is mostly pick ups and sprints and the focus is on working up to your max heart rate. If you are a spinning instructor you can download the songs and try this in your class, or as an avid cyclist give this a try on the home trainer or a gym goer give this a try on a stationary bike at your gym.

I have also started tracking my workouts with my new Armour 39 heart rate monitor from Under Armour which is an innovating heart rate monitor that measures intensity, heart rate, calories, and will power. I’ve enjoyed tracking the different spinning workouts to see how my stats change whether it be sprints, hills, endurance etc.

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1) Aerosmith, Dream On: Warm up 4:24
2) Sara Bareilles, Brave: Slight pushes on the refrain to continue the warm up 3:38
3) Miami Vice, In the Air Tonight: 4:33 Seated hill climb
4) 3 Doors Down, Kryptonite: 3:54 Hill with pushes on refrain
5) Pitbull, Feel this moment: Drink then alternate positions 3:49
6) Disturbed: Shout 2000 4:18 4 count jumps, then alternate with 2 count jumps
7) Santana: Smooth 4:56 Seated Flat
8) Rob Thomas: This is how a heart breaks 3:51 Sprints on the refrain
9) Somebody that I used to Know: Second song of sprints, Totals to 2 songs of sprints, 6 pickups between the two songs
10)Taylor Swift, Trouble: Drink then work in 3rd 3:40
11) Katy Perry, Dark Horse: 3:36 work in position 3
12) Bush, Machinehead 4:16 Sprints
13) Lupe Fiasco & Guy Sebastian, Battlescars: 4:10 Active Recovery
14) Capital Cities, Safe & Sounds: 3:12 Warm Down
15) Keith Urban, Making Memories of us: Stretch

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