EMBA Cycling Mix

I’ve decided to name this week’s Cycling Mix EMBA as I attended my first official residency week of grad school last week as part of Boston University’s Executive MBA Program. I’m really enjoying everything the program has to offer so far and slowly finding a way to balance working full time and attending grad school full time while also remembering what it feels like “to be a student again”. Last week’s theme of “Business as a System” focused on Accounting and Marketing as well as the importance of the team dynamic. We completed a case study on the HIV/AIDS problem in South Africa and had limited time to put together a response to the position in our newly formed teams. In addition we completed a business simulation where we faced various challenges in a high stress environment where success was measured by how well we worked together as a team. The week came to a close with an accounting exam.

For this week’s indoor cycling mix you will find a mix of hills and sprints with one four count jumping song. If you are a spinning instructor you can try this playlist for your class, if you are a cyclist you can download it and use it on your trainer or if you are a gym goer you can try it out on the bike.


Photo is taken from a cycling trip in Nice Cannes back when I lived in France.  My Triathlon Team and I ran the Nice Cannes Marathon and two days before the race we cycled a decent portion of the Ironman Nice Course which included cycling up the Col de l’Ecre

EMBA Cycling Mix
1) The Outfield, Your Love: 3:33 Warm Up
2) Bastille, Pompeii: 334, Switch positions around
3) Red hot chili peppers, California: 4:43 Seated hill climb
4) Calvin Harris, Let’s Go: 3:46 Three sets of 30 second sprints at .37, 2:07, 3:08
5) Zendaya, Replay: 3:29 Grab a drink and then into a hill climb working it to a hill in 3rd
6)MC Hammer, Can’t Touch This: 4 count jumps, when the song picks up drop into the saddle and push your pace
7) Linkin Park, Numb: 3:08 Hill Climb
8) Calvin Harris, Need Your Love: 3:55 Favorite Flat Road
9) Evanescence, Going Under: 3:35 Hill
10) Paramore, Misery Business: 3:32, 3 sprints at .5, 1:40
11) Lady Gaga, Do what you want: 3:47 Switch positions
12) DJ Laz: Move Shake Drop : 3:11 work in 3rd and alternate to saddle
13) Demi Lovato, Neon Lights: 3:53 Sprints at :48, 1:41, 2:12
14) Chris Brown: Turn up the Music: Active Recovery
15) John Mellencamp, Hurt so good: Cool down
16) Blake Shelton, Honey Bee: 3:31 Cool down

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