Winter Wonderland Spinning Mix

This week’s spinning mix kicks off the 2014 workouts which incorporates a variety of music as well as a mix of hills, intervals, and pick ups. Purchase and download the music below and you can try this mix out in your indoor cycling class if you are an instructor, on the trainer if you are a cyclist or just on a bike at your gym for a workout.

1) Haddaway, What is Love 4:31 Warm up
2) Zedd, Stay the Night 3:37 Mix it up between flat road in the saddle, running with resistance and hand position 3.
3) Lindsey Sterling, Elements: Hill Climb starting in a seated flat and adding 6 increases or geats on the bike. End the climb in Hand position 3.
4) The Black Pearl: 3:28, 2 pickups/sprints. at 0:50 mix up the pace in Hand position 3 then drop to the saddle and sprint the rest of the song out as it intensifies. Do this twice.
5) Avril Lavigne, Let me Go: Grad a drink and then execute a hill climb.
6) Journey, Seperate Ways: Continue the hill climb so you end up with a 9minute or so steep climb.
7) The Veronicas, Untouched: 3 pickups/sprints at 1:05, 2:10 and 3:17. About 25 seconds each.
8) Usher, Scream: Switch up between hand position 2 and 3.
9) Spectrum: Hill climb in hand position 3.
10) Wizards in winter: 3:06 in medium heavy hill and on the refrain when the music pushes fast drop to a downhill. Alternate back and forth with the music. Basically think of being in the mountains on a moderate hill climb but occasionally it drops down to a downhill before climbing back up again.
11) Lady GaGa, Applause: 8 count jumps from seated flat to running with resistance
12) Miracle: Sprints/pickups 3 for 20 seconds
13) John Legend, Green Light: Active recovery switch up positions.
14) Electric Feel: Cool down
15) Counting Stars: Stretch

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