Nice to Cannes Spinning Mix

col d l'ecre

I had to create two different spinning workouts this week as I taught two classes at the Newport Athletic Club and had some of the same cyclists in both class. This workout which I’m calling Nice to Cannes Spinning Mix brings me back to early November in 2010. After a PR at the Berlin, Marathon in late September 2010 I committed to a weekend fitness adventure with the Expatries Triathlon Team, the triathlon team I was on during the 4 years that I lived in Paris. Less than 5 weeks after the Berlin Marathon, I was headed to Nice in the South of France to compete in the Nice Cannes marathon. My friends and I thought it would be fun to cycle 100+ kms of the Ironman Nice course in the mountains prior to running the marathon. In the middle of this spinning mix there is a 12 minute long hill (three songs) which is similar to one of the long climbs you can expect in the Ironman Nice course. The Nice Cannes marathon is a great marathon as it is along the coast and mostly flat except for one little hill. It is also in November and it is warm in the south of France to escape from the winter cold but also not too warm for running weather. If you take the train from Paris, you can easily take your bike with you making it easy to cycle from Nice to Cannes and back again and you can also check out the cute little town of Antibes.

mt group

Nice to Cannes Spinning Mix
1) Bill Conti, Going the Distance: Warmup 2:40
2) Maroon 4, One more night: 3:39 Hill
3) Miley Cyrus, Wrecking Ball: Continue hill climb 3:41
4) Lasgo, Alone: Sprints at :15 for 30 seconds, at 1:30 for 40 seconds and at 3:01 for 1 minute.
5) Lana del Ray, Summertime Sadness: Grab a drink then bring it to hill climb and up to third to get ready for jumps
6) Outcast, Bombs over Baghdad: 5:08 Jumps for 4 counts on the refrain starting with jumping from Hand position 2 running to hand position 3 on the first refrain then take it to a seated flat hill climb then on the second refrain take it up for jumps between seated in hand position 1 to up in hand position 2.
7) Evanescence, Bring me to life: Beginning of the 12 minute hill. 3:56. Instruct students that they will add 10 gears over the course of the three songs
8) Bon Jovi, Living on a Prayer: Hill climb should end this song adding the 8th gear
9) Bon Jovi, Runaway: Hill climb taking it out of the saddle to Hand position 3 for the final two gears
10) Ricky Martin: Cup of life: Cycling fast down the hill you just cycled up
11) Pitbull, Timber: Switching from seated flat to hand position 2 running to hand position 3. Switch every 2 x 8 counts
12) Linkin Park, What I’ve done: Hill climb
13) Ataris, Boys of Summer: Continue climb
14) Pitbull, International Love: Grab a drink, seated flat, get fired up for final working song
15) Duran Duran, Reach up for the sunrise: Final fast sprints at 0:40 for 30 seconds, 1:45 for 30 seconds and 2:40 for 30 seconds.
16) Dave Darell, The Black Pearl: Active Recovery
17) Buckcherry, Sorry: Cool down
18) Jordin Sparks, No Air: Stretch

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