The UAWB Community & Becoming an Under Armour Motivational Champion/Ambassador

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my fitness journey and how I became a Motivation Champion/Ambassador for the athletic brand Under Armour so I decided to make it the topic for today’s blog.


This whole journey started back in April 2012 just after the 2012 Boston Marathon.  After spending 6 months training hard for the marathon, I was determined to set a new PR of 3:15 in the marathon which ended up being a PR all right….. a PR of my worst marathon time ever by 30+ Minutes!!! If you remember, 2012 was the year of the heat wave marathon and many runners decided to defer entry into the race.  I didn’t think the heat was going to have a significant impact on my race as I am running year round in all types of climates I set out on pace to hit my 3:15.  About 5 miles into the race my body was already in survival mode.  It was so hot, I was completely dehydrated, and my muscles and entire body was impacted by the heat and I slowed down my pace a bit.  Every few miles I slowed down a bit more as my muscles were completely tightening up.

As soon as the marathon was over, I was determined to get back out there to try and PR again and signed up for the Tallinn, Estonia marathon in September 2012.  I figured it would give me enough time to recover from the April marathon yet still be able to build a solid base in time for the marathon.  Shortly after the marathon I started having problems with my IT band, a problem that is common to me from running.  Around that time I saw an advertisement for Under Armour’s Whats Beautiful Competition, a competition to redefine the female athlete.  Much more than a competition, the Under Armour What’s Beautiful Community is a network of female athletes of all different fitness levels and abilities from a fitness goal of trying to lose 5lbs or run a first 5k to triathletes and marathon runners to ironman, world’s toughest mudder and professional athletes from a variety of sports ranging from handball, weightlifting, and cross fit to swimming, cycling, running and bodybuilding.  During this tough period when I was not able to run I was inspired by many of the athletes in the UAWB to embrace new sports and I soon learned to swim and started to embrace the art of yoga.  In the 2.0 Competition, I was 1 of the 10 Winners who were selected to attend Under Armour’s Camp Sweat at IMG Academy in Florida.  At IMG Academy we participated in testing & analysis at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute, and went through intensive speed and agility sessions, weight room training, sports specific training and leadership and mental training with IMG Academy’s world class trainers. Here is the link to the Camp Sweat Photo gallery


Over the past year of being a Motivational Champion, I have made some incredible friendships with these ladies who are now my UA Sisters.  We get together from time to time to host Under Armour What’s Beautiful events, to run races together and to support each other in various fitness goals.

In the current campaign, the ladies and I are putting the Under Armour Cold Gear line to the test.  A special shoutout to my friends at Under Armour  who sent me the new Cold Gear line to test out.  As I have been working out in the gear for a few days now, I decided to do a little product review for you on the blog.  The UA Studio Lux Snakey Tights (shown in the photo below) are by far my favorite Under Armour leggings for a variety of reasons.  The Snakey pattern is cute but also flattering on the body, the leggings are warm and great for running outside in the winter but also perfect for yoga as  they wick away sweat and also provide a great grip for arm balances.  The UA Cozy Neck (turtleneck pictured below in blue) is not what you expect for a baselayer turtleneck as it is really comfortable and thin but still very warm as it is lined all the way through.  I like running in the winter in turtlenecks but I find them to be very uncomfortable and constricting.  I really like the fit and the fabric of this top as it actually super comfy.
jump picI’ve found that no matter how warm your gear is, your entire body will still be cold unless you have a good pair of gloves and a hat or headband.  Right now I’m training with the UA Fleece Glove and to be honest I went back and forth between a few different pairs of gloves.  I hesitated to go with the Fleece Glove (Pink and black pictured below) because in my mind I pictured a thick pair of warm fleece gloves similar to something you might want when skiing or shoveling snow.  However, when the gloves arrived they were perfect for running.  They are warm but they are thin and light and are the perfect go to glove for running outside in the winter.   The grey top I’m wearing is the UA Storm Melange  In the photo below I have the cozy tank on underneath the UA Storm Melange and the two together make for a nice set if you are looking for some additional warmth.  If you want to use the UA Storm Melange as a base layer then I recommend ordering one size smaller.  I’m wearing the S and I can easily put one or two layers underneath it.


Love this Under Armour Headband…. so warm 😉


I’ve had this UA Cold Gear Hood for two seasons now and it is great for getting out there in the winter.  If its raining, snowing, sleeting, or windy out the hood protects me from the blistering cold.  cold head

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