Thanksgiving 2013 Spin Mix

It has been so cold out lately but made it out for one final ride this past weekend. My friends at Under Armour sent me a pair of the Under Armour 2.0 Baselayer and decided to test it out during my bike ride. It was super warm and comfy and the material is thin but somehow kept me really warm during my ride. I usually am a XS or S in UA Gear depending on the fit but this one is tight fitting and the S was perfect.

sunset cycle

Since most of us have transitioned to Spinning, Indoor Cycling, and the home Trainer I am posting here my Spin workout that I taught at tonight’s Spinning Class at the Newport Athletic Club. If you are an instructor you can try this for a class or if you are looking for a workout on the home trainer or even at the gym on a stationary bike you can give this a try.

Thanksgiving Mix 2013
1) Black Eyed Peas,The Time: Warm Up
2) ATC, Around the World: 3, 30 second interval pickups at 0:22, 1:35, and 2:35
3) Bon Jovi, Shot Through the Heart: 3:44 Hill Climb
4) Techno Mix: 8 second jumps, jumping from Hand Position 2 in the Saddle to Hand Position 2 Standing.
5) Selena Gomez, Slow Down: Grab a drink, seated flat, then start working into a hill for the next song
6) Journey, Seperate Ways: 5:26 minute hill climb
7) The Veronicas Untouched: Once you hit the top of the climb, flying all the way down on a flat downhill seated
8) Maroon 5, Harder to Breathe: Killer Hill #2
9) Fall Out Boy, My songs know what you did: Flying down a hill then alternate between 2nd and 3rd to build into a hill in 3rd for the next song
10) Evanescence, Call me When You’re Sober: Hill climb in Hand Position 3
11) Usher, Scream: Still in Hand position 3 but during the refrains drop down to Seated Hand Position 2 and push out interval pushes during the refrain then back up to 3rd.
12) Bryan Adams, Summer of 69: Grab a drink and then Cyclists choice. Let your students pick what they want here.
13) Rihanna, Right Now: Last tough working song. 3 sprints
14) David Guetta, Love is Gone: Active Recovery, bring down to fat burning zone switching between seated and standing flat
15)Journey, Don’t Stop Believing: Cool Down
16) Neil Diamond, Sweet Caroline: Stretch

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