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As winter is approaching, I’ve decided to add a new feature to the Keeping Fitness Fun Blog which is called Cycling with K.  Under this section of the blog, I will post my spinning workouts complete with song titles as a resource for all spinning/cycling/group exercise teachers who might want to take advantage of this resource.  I taught spinning at Powerhouse Gym, Club Fit, Gold’s Gym and 24 Hour Fitness.  I had to take a break from teaching when I moved to France as well as during my year of hip surgery/recovery but have recently renewed my  Spinning Instructor Certification with Madd Dog Athletics.  Attached below you will find my first Spinning workout after the break.


Photo taken at the Time Megeve Mont Blanc Cycling Race June 2011.

Total Workout: ~54Minutes, Workout focuses on three Surges (Interval Songs) and two long hill climbs (~8 Minutes Each)

1)Justin Timberlake & Jay Z- Holy Grail Instrumental Edition: Warm up 5mins 42 seconds
2)Linkin Park Burn It Down: Seated Flat with surges (Intervals) 3 Reps for 20 Seconds at 1:10, 2:10, 2:55
3) Def Leppard Pour Some Sugar On Me: 8 Minute Climb, Combination of 2 Songs Def Leppard 4:27,
4) Chris Daughtry It’s Not Over: Continuation of Climb 3:35.  Total climbing time just under 8 Minutes
5) Deadmau 5 Ghosts N Stuff: Grab a drink after the endurance climb.  Seated Flat for the remainder of the song at a steady working pace.
6) Rob Thomas This is How a Heart Breaks: Surges (Intervals) 3:51.  3 surges 15 seconds at .45, 20 seconds at 1:33, 15 seconds at 2:20.  1st two surges in Hand Position 2 Seated Flat, third surge in Hand Position 3.
7) Lindsey Sterling Elements:8 Minute total hill climb.  Hills, endurance.  4:07
8) 99 Nights: Continuation of hill climb for 3:57
9) Tom Hangs and Shermanology Blessed: Grab a drink.  Seated flat.  Bring heart rate down to fat burning zone.
10)Bon Jovi Runaway: Surges (Intervals) 3 surges, 15 seconds at .58, 20 seconds at 1.55, 15 seconds at 2.55  (Max heart rate zone remind students to think of their fitness goal)
11) Zedd Clarity:  Hand position 3, still a working song but start to bring Heart Rate down.
12) Phillip Phillips Gone Gone Gone: Start of cool down
13) Hinder Better than me Instrumental:  Cool down and stretch

All songs purchased on Itunes… support your local artists… buy music!

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